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We deliver hands-on workshops where we coverthe specifics of which tools to use and how to use them, tailored to the needs of each company.

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Software is everywhere in science

Software is now so integrated into biology, medicine and other scientific disciplines that breakthroughs would be impossible without it. Software lets us iterate faster, explore bigger questions, reproduce findings and be more confident in out results.

In addition to coding, knowing how to use standard tools, how to write and test well-designed, dependable programs, and how to collaborate with peers is critical for modern scientists. Unfortunately scientists are neither taught these skills in academia, nor trained when they enter industry.

Most publicly-available material is made for software engineers in mind. There’s a gap in resources for scientists — who don't have to be professional software engineers and should in fact use a specific subset of software engineering tools altogether.

Adapted from our course at Stanford, we’ve designed a workshop that is tailored towards the needs of industry scientists. We work specifically with the needs of a company’s R&D team or research group, and provide training on which tools to use, how and when to use them, and how to incorporate testing and peer review. 

Improve the quality and velocity of clinical trials

Systems are easier to test

Collaborate with peers easily

Write clean code that scales with your company


Crash course on computer science

Source control: how to use git with your team and by yourself

How to use the Terminal/Shell

Testing scientific code: how, why and when

Dependency management

Cloud computing: AWS/GCP/Azure

Storing, versioning and sharing data with collaborators

NIH requirements for rigorous research: what they are and how to meet them.

Security and privacy: what you need to know as a scientist

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Who teaches this workshop?

This workshop is designed and taught by Vijay Pandurangan, who has 20 years of experience writing and maintaining complex systems, managing engineering and product teams at Google, Twitter, and working at biotech companies.

I'm interested. How do I find out more?

Contact us and we'll set up an initial call between your team and Vijay to figure out how we can best help.

Have you worked with large biotech companies before?

Yes. Vijay has worked with and advised multiple enterprise biotech companies on implementing software engineering best practices to help them scale.