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We deliver workshops to biotech and life sciences founders designed to teach software engineering techniques are critical and how to implement them within teams at early stage companies.

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Software is everywhere in biotech companies

The ability to conduct science effectively and efficiently is mission critical to a biotech and life sciences companies. Good software accelerates this — it enables companies to iterate faster, explore bigger questions, reproduce findings and be more confident in their results. Software also plays a critical role in ensuring your company's IP is understandable.

Unfortunately, many founders don't focus on embedding good software practices early enough. By the time they get around to fixing this, their systems are difficult to test and scale, they're at an increased risk of data leaks, their progress in going to market is delayed, and their IP is difficult to sell.

We deliver workshops to biotech founders through bio-focused funds and incubators that cover:

Why good software engineering is critical

What the most important practices are

How to measure how well your company is doing

How to recruit software engineers with the right skills

How to create a culture that embeds these practices

Delivered to

After the workshop

Vijay is available for 1:1 consulting with individual companies to identify, assess and correct their software engineering techniques — based on Vijay's 20 years of experience writing and maintaining complex systems, managing engineering and product teams at Google, Twitter, and working with biotech companies.

If you're interested in 1:1 consulting without the workshop, get in touch here.

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Who teaches this workshop?

This workshop is created and taught by Vijay Pandurangan. Vijay has over 20 years of experience writing and maintaining complex systems, managing engineering and product teams at Google, Twitter, his own start-up, and working at biotech companies.

Vijay is also an investor in tech startups, including Wish, Pilot, Deel, BioRender, Vistapath and BigHat Biosciences.

Is this workshop remote or in-person?

This depends on your needs! Contact us with what your preference is.

What is the pricing?

This depends on the number of attendees you have. Contact us and we can provide you with more information on pricing and availability.